Legal services

Areas of legal services.

Regarding the area of Construction Law, AK-RP provides its clients with advisory services and representation in proceedings under the Construction Act and related legislation, administrative proceedings and dispute agenda in the area of constructions and development.

These areas particularly include:

  • legal relations to construction plots (transfer of ownership titles to constructions plots, establishment of rights in rem related to construction, etc.);
  • zoning proceedings (issuance of zoning resolutions and zoning permissions);
  • construction proceedings (building permissions and licenses, including reduced construction proceedings);
  • final inspections of buildings (occupational permits and related administrative procedures);
  • contracts for work in relation to construction and related legal relations;
  • exercise of rights arising from defects to constructions (complaint proceedings, compensation);
  • resolution of disputes in relation to construction (including disputes with neighbors);
  • assistance with legalization of unauthorized buildings.

If our clients are interested, we are able to further provide them with cooperative services with expert professions in the area of construction (architects, construction companies, designers, building inspectors, expert witnesses, construction supervision, etc.).