Legal services

Areas of legal services.

The Criminal Law represents one of our specialized areas. AK-RP mainly provides its clients with defense services in criminal matters (including criminal offenses under the influence of addictive substances):

  • defense during the preparatory proceedings as well as the session of the court;
  • representation of injured parties and exercising of their rights in criminal proceedings;
  • representation of partaking persons (i.e. persons whose property was or should be confiscated);
  • submission and assertion of diversification during criminal proceedings;
  • preliminary assessment of intended commercial transaction in terms of any impact in the form of criminal law legislation;
  • criminal liability of legal entities;
  • proposals of measures to prevent emergence of criminal liability of legal entities and their representatives;
  • representation during negotiations aiming at reaching an agreement on guilt and punishment;
  • representation of a cooperating accused person and assurance of protection for a person holding rights arising from this institute.

Should our clients be completion of the criminal proceedings acquitted or their criminal prosecution terminated, we also provide services in the field of demanding compensation against the Czech Republic for damage caused by unjustified prosecution.