Legal services

Areas of legal services.

AK RP further provides highly specialized advisory services adapted to the needs of our clients in the area of IT/ICT services and e-commerce, as we naturally unite our practical experience in the field of software development and implementation and professional copyright, commercial and corporate erudition. We are able to assist our clients in the area of Information Technology Law with realization of their significant IT projects as well as with resolution of matters related to the implementation and use of IT while they are conducting their business. Regardless of our client’s size or the complexity of the solution, we speak the client’s language thanks to our knowledge, experience and expertise in realization of software and internet projects (both on the side of implementation and the legal side).

As for the Software Law and Internet Law, we particularly offer the following services:

  • comprehensive legal services related to the analysis, design, development, implementation, expansion and provision of software, including the complex contractual agenda (contract for work in relation to the creation of the software, implementation agreement, license agreement, etc.);
  • provision of management, maintenance and support of the software (preparation of the SLA, etc.);
  • licensing of the software and online services (drafts of license agreements, employment licenses, licensing audits);
  • IT outsourcing;
  • legal arrangements of e-commerce (operation and ese of e-shops including trading and delivery terms and conditions, regulation of on-line marketing) and online corporate services (SaaS, corporate cloud ad.);
  • law of databases;
  • trading of used software;
  • protection of personal data (registration and representation during proceedings in front of the Office for Personal Data Protection, management, procession and archiving of personal data in business practice, resolution of incidents, audit of personal data protection).