Our law office handles recovery of receivables of various characters and offers comprehensive management of receivables which includes compilation of pre-action calls for payment, submission of lawsuits, representation in the court or arbitrary proceeding, assurance of enforcement of the decision in the form of execution, application of receivables to insolvency proceedings, etc. Naturally, our work begins with an analysis and assessment of recoverability of the given debt and a proposal of the most effective resolution.

As for the recovery of receivables, we provide the following services in particular:

  • legal analysis of receivables of any type (arising from unpaid invoices, bills of exchange, acknowledged obligations, unpaid rents, unpaid wages or other payments in relation to already performed work);
  • inspection of a debtor’s property and their payment discipline in the terms of recoverability of a receivable (including related personal and commercial relations);
  • compilation and management of pre-action calls for payment;
  • out-of-court recovery of receivables via field workers;
  • initiation of court and arbitrary proceedings, including representation of clients in these proceedings;
  • initiation of executions;
  • assignments of receivables and their arrangement, etc.

In a long-term and close manner, AK-RP cooperates with executors which enables us to provide our clients with lower costs of executions in the case that the execution is suspended due to the destitution of debtors or to speed the process of recovering a receivable up.