Legal services

Areas of legal services.

Within the Family Law, AK-RP provides wide and comprehensive legal services. Our lawyers offer high expertise in this legal area which they use while compiling documentation handling with family relations and while representing our clients in court proceedings.

These services mainly include:

  • compilation of pre-marriage contracts and arrangements related to the extent of the joint property of spouses;
  • contested and uncontested divorce of a marriage including potential proceedings related to the arrangements for relations with underage children after the divorce;
  • settlement of the joint property of spouses;
  • care for children, arrangements for relation between children and parents, alimony;
  • alimony obligations towards not yet divorced or already divorced wife/husband;
  • limitation or deprivation of parental rights;
  • representation in proceedings aiming at the payment of alimony including any potential subsequent execution, including cross-border cases;
  • determination or denial of paternity.